About Blockchain Verified

Blockchain Verified Sweden AB is a global provider of Blockchain authentication and verification solutions being utilised by large, multinational companies as well as small ’one person companies’ in countries/regions such as USA, UK, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.

With its blockchain technology focused team, Blockchain Verified Sweden AB provides tailored, bespoke packages adjusted to your individual situation.

Securing your document

When creating a document, a unique fingerprint (hash) is created. This fingerprint will change whenever a part of a document is updated. Documents can be changed where with the naked eye, these updates may never be found. As a result, you would believe that a certificate is genuine, although many fraudulent updates have been performed by using pdf editing software. Blockchain verified is a step ahead in document security. Testing Inspection and certification (TIC) and document filing goes web 3.0!

How does it work?

  • Attest

    The fingerprint or DNA of the document is attested to a block on the Ethereum Blockchain via a smart contract.

  • Attested

    The document becomes immutable and it cannot be changed. This gives a subsequent reference point for comparison.

  • Confidential

    The document contents are not placed on the blockchain, thus the documents remain confidential, secure and not in the public domain.

  • Authenticity Check

    Now the authenticity of the document can be checked here by clicking the 'Verify your document' button above.

floating documents


Our solution identifies if a document is authentic or not. It does not just take you to a centralised database where you are required to compare the document contents yourself.

  • A 700 page document is checked as quickly and effectively as a one page certificate
  • We use the number one public blockchain - Ethereum. Not a 'private blockchain' with few nodes
  • The system is decentralised with hundreds of thousands of nodes meaning hacking is virtually impossible
  • The contents of the document are never placed in the public domain. Confidentiality is guaranteed
  • The system identifies if a newer version of the document is available
  • The background of our team is in the Test, Inspection and Certification industry. Accreditation and authentication is our business

Our trademark

On 4th May 2023, the Blockchain Verified logo received official Registered Trademark status from the European Union Intellectual Property Office, EUIPO. Trademark Registration Number 018826104.

Our team

Michel Wouters van den Oudenweijer

Michel Wouters van den Oudenweijer

Founder & CEO
Alan Lane

Alan Lane

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Taiwan Office
John Roording

John Roording

Managing Director Europe office
Bernie Fuller

Bernie Fuller

Managing Director, Blockchain Verified Sweden AB
Bleddyn Pijpers

Bleddyn Pijpers

Full Stack Developer