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How does it work?

  • Attest

    The fingerprint or DNA of the document is attested to a block on the Ethereum Blockchain via a smart contract.

  • Attested

    The document becomes immutable and it cannot be changed. This gives a subsequent reference point for comparison.

  • Confidential

    The document contents are not placed on the blockchain, thus the documents remain confidential, secure and not in the public domain.

  • Authenticity Check

    Now the authenticity of the document can be checked here by clicking the 'Verify your document' button above.

Why Blockchain Verified

Globally, billions of PDF documents such as Certificates, Contracts and Test Reports etc, are being published and shared under the impression that they are not able to be changed, updated or falsified. Even password protected PDF documents with digital signatures and E-Seals can easily be modified and appear authentic.

Blockchain Verified’s unique solution identifies directly if the document that you have received is indeed the same as the original document or if its contents have been modified.

Our mission is to minimise the number of falsified documents globally, making documentation more reliable, verifiable and trustworthy.

Blockchain Verified’s registered trademark on your document is a recognised Mark of Authenticity.

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